The North Lee Community Foundation is place of connection, where generosity and community action meet to create powerful impacts improving the quality of life for all. We are is a donor-driven public foundation whose purpose is to improve the quality of life in Greater North Lee County through philanthropy. The North Lee Community Foundation connects donors with their passions, fosters links between community organizations and convenes local leaders to promote the common good.

The North Lee Community Foundation is a nonprofit public charity created by generous local citizens. We build permanent charitable funds called endowments. Each endowment distributes a portion of its total fund balance in perpetuity—forever—to support a charitable purpose. Donations may be made to funds which address community needs and reflect a donors interests and personal philanthropic goals. The North Lee Community Foundation acts as a broad umbrella, helping to grow many separate funds.

Currently, The North Lee Community Foundation holds more than 80 different funds established by individuals, families, and nonprofit agencies to benefit North Lee County. Since its founding in 2005, the foundation has served the needs of this area and the wishes of our donors through personalized service, financial stewardship, local expertise, and community leadership. The North Lee Community Foundation seeks to make philanthropy easy and accessible for all by providing flexibility of giving options.

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