Funds at the North Lee Community Foundation are assessed two sets of fees, those for investment management and those for North Lee Community Foundation administrative costs.

Investment management fees are those charged by our investment managers and are dependent on the investment portfolio selected. These professional consulting and brokerage fees are allocated pro-rata over all funds participating in the portfolios of the North Lee Community Foundation.

Administrative fees are based on asset size and fund type.



We evaluate all aspects of community well-being: arts and culture, economic development, education, environment, health and human services, neighborhood revitalization, and more. The flexibility of this unrestricted gift enables your community foundation's program experts to respond to the community's most pressing needs, today and tomorrow. 

Field of Interest
By establishing a Field of Interest Fund, you can target your gift to address needs in an important area of community life. Arts. AIDS. Aging. At-risk youth. You identify your personal interest area when making your gift; our board awards grants to community organizations and programs that are making a difference in the area you select. Your gift stays flexible enough to meet community needs in your interest area — even as they change over time.

Designated Fund 
Establishing a Designated Fund allows you to support the good work of a specific nonprofit organization — a senior center, museum, or virtually any nonprofit charitable organization. Because it's given through your community foundation, your gift provides the organization you select not only funding, but planned giving and investment management services and the power of endowment.

Seed Funds
Seed Funds allow donors to build a permanent endowment over 10 years with an initial contribution of $1,000 and a minimum annual contribution of $1,000. Once $10,000 is accumulated, the fund matures into a charitable endowment and donors can start supporting the causes that they care about most.

Legacy Society
CFNLC recognizes donors who have made arrangements through their estate planning (such as a bequest, a trust, a retirement plan, insurance policy or some other form of deferred gift) that support the Community Foundation. Since estate gifts are often made after the donor's death, the Legacy Society allows the Community Foundation to recognize those individuals who are planning to make a difference in this community in perpetuity.

In creating a Scholarship, you invest in your community's future and show students you care. Your community foundation provides the expertise to help you meet your personal goals and awards Scholarships to deserving students. Your gift can help graduating high school or returning adult students achieve their lifetime dreams through post-secondary training and education accomplishments.

Donors Make a Difference

When you create a charitable fund through The North Lee Community Foundation or contribute to an existing fund, you have the opportunity to benefit the community forever through a permanent endowment. In an endowment, your gift is invested and grows over time. A portion of the total fund balance is used to make grants addressing community needs.

​Donors who endow their gifts can make a difference in their community during their lifetime and, at the same time, provide a gift that lasts forever. Grants will continue to be made in the name of the fund you establish or support so that your charitable wishes are preserved, even if an organization receiving grants ceases to exist in the future. Leaders of nonprofit organizations may also look to the community foundation to hold their organizations' endowment because they know that having a constant source of funding helps them respond to emergency needs as well as plan for the future and sustain the good work they do.

Donor Advised Fund
Donor Advised Funds permit you to remain actively involved by allowing you to make grant recommendations to causes you care about whenever it is convenient.  Donor Advised Funds can be fully distributed during your lifetime, or can be endowed to create a permanent legacy that will benefit the community forever.  Once you submit your funding recommendations, your request will be processed promptly and the Community Foundation will distribute grants in the name of your fund.  You can work with the community foundation's professional program staff to suggest ongoing uses for the fund — targeting the issues you care about most. Grant awards are issued to charities in the name of the fund (or anonymously if you prefer). Learn more about the
Donor Advised Fund here...

Community Impact Fund
When you establish a Community Impact Fund, your gift can address a broad range of local needs — including future needs that often cannot be anticipated at the time your gift is made.

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