• Establish a flexible vehicle for annual charitable giving.
  • Benefit from a more tax and cost efficient alternative to a private foundation.
  • Receive an estate tax deduction and savings from your gift.
  • Obtain a charitable income tax deduction in the year of your gift.

Are you looking for a way to benefit The North Lee Community Foundation both now and in the future? Would you like to simplify your annual and lifetime charitable giving? A donor advised fund (or DAF) might be a great solution for you. You can also use a DAF to distribute gifts to numerous charities. With a DAF, you can make gifts to charity during your lifetime, and when you pass away, your children can carry on your legacy of giving.

Benefits of a

Donor Advised Fund

How a Donor Advised Fund Works
1. You make an initial, irrevocable gift of cash or stock to fund a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at The North Lee Community Foundation.

2. The assets in your DAF grow tax-free.

3. You make annual recommendations on charitable gifts to be made from your DAF.

4. When you pass away, your children may recommend charitable gifts from your DAF.

A donor advised fund has several advantages when compared to a private foundation. The start-up time and cost are minimal for DAFs, and gifts to DAFs are generally deductible at fair market value. A DAF is also not subject to the distribution requirements and certain execise taxes faced by private foundations.

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