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Holding Plant

North Lee Community Foundation Legacy Society

A "Legacy" is a planned gift made through a Community Foundation as a part of estate planning. Through these planned gifts you can express your dedication to your community and to the causes that represent your passion and a desire to make a difference. Examples include:

  •    Bequest through a will

  •    Gift through a living trust

  •    Beneficiary designation in a retirement plan

  •    Beneficiary designation or gift of life insurance

  •    Charitable remainder trust

  •    Charitable lead trust

  •    Charitable gift annuity

  •    Remainder interest in home or farm

  •    Contingent beneficiary gift

Anyone wishing to make a commitment to the future is invited to join North Lee Community Foundation Legacy Society. Membership is offered to any individual who makes a planned gift to the Community Foundation regardless of the type or size of the gift. As a member of the Legacy Society we encourage you to share. connect with peers and participate in your community through the North Lee Community Foundation. We would like to recognize you in publications and special events. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will honor that request while providing you with all the benefits of membership including:

  •   Partnership in philanthropy

  •   Expertise to assure your gift will be invested and managed according to your wishes

  •   Flexibility to accomplish your philanthropic goals

  •   Permanence

  •   Confidence that your gift will be managed and used as directed to continue your "legacy" in perpetuity

Just include a bequest to North Lee Community Foundation in your will or trust and notify us so we can work with you to understand your charitable goals and help you carry them out. After your lifetime we will:

  •   Establish a fund in the name you have chosen

  •   Invest your gift

  •   Make grants as you have directed

  •   Carefully manage your fund forever

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