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Community foundations are 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, publicly supported organizations serving thousands of people who share a common concern—that of improving the quality of life in their geographic area. In its general charitable purposes, a community foundation is much like a private foundation; its funds, however, are derived from many donors rather than a single source, as is usually the case with private foundations. The Community Foundation idea is simple: anyone may use it to give something to the community.


North Lee Community Foundation provides a LOCAL simple way for people to impact what matters most to them in their community. We do this by working with individuals, families, and businesses to create charitable solutions that match their passions, maximize tax benefits, and create a philanthropic legacy for generations to come. Working with North Lee Community Foundation offers custom giving solutions, provides professional fund management, and gives donors access to our team of charitable giving experts who can help make connections to local nonprofits that create a lasting impact.    


In a community foundation, individuals, families, businesses and organizations create and/or contribute to permanent charitable funds that help their communities and organizations meet the challenges of changing times. The foundation invests and provides administration for these funds.

North Lee Community Foundation impacts our region through grant making to nonprofits working to carry out effective and transformative projects and services. We invest in social good that addresses the needs of individuals, communities, and our greater region. Grants in our core areas of art and culture, community betterment, education, environment, health, historic preservation, and human service provide capital for our nonprofit partners to build capacity and help those they serve succeed.

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