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Stand with Ukraine


It would be difficult not to be aware of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the number of refugees this conflict has created. On April 21 2022, President Biden announced “Uniting for Ukraine,” a new streamlined program that allows citizens to serve a sponsors for Ukrainians who wish to seek immediate refuge in the U.S. This program offers training for sponsors and information on how to help facilitate the process of relocation. Sponsors offer critical financial support in the first months after arrival, assisting them to find housing, essential furniture, household goods, and food. Sponsors will also help the newcomers apply for medical benefits and enroll children in school.

North Lee Community Foundation created the Fort Madison Ukrainian Refugee Fund to raise money to support sponsors and Ukrainian Refugees in Fort Madison and Lee County Iowa. North Lee Community Foundation has also partnered with First Christian Church - Fort Madison to help Ukrainian   families make the transition to Fort Madison and Lee County. We have great passion and are willing to work to make this happen, but we need your help. The Ukrainian families who desire are hard-working individuals who just want a safe place to live. They are only a couple among thousands of families seeking refuge.

The money we raise will go directly to refugee families to assist them with housing, utilities, transportation, preparation for employment, education, clothing, food, and whatever else they might need while they transition. Join with us and support the Fort Madison Ukrainian Fund!



Mail Gifts to:

North Lee Community Foundation

(Write Ukraine in the Memo)

P.O. Box 341

Fort Madison, Iowa 52627


For more information regarding the Fort Madison Ukrainian Refugee Fund.

Linda Larkin


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