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North Lee Community Foundation requires a completed grant report after a grant award period has been completed. The deadline to submit a 2022 North Lee Community Foundation Grant Report is October 1, 2023. Click on the blue button to start the online Grant Report.

North Lee Community Foundation has three goals related to grant reports. First, we are eager to read the story of the funded grant. Second, we want both the community foundation and the nonprofit organization to learn from the story, because we believe that evaluation at its best informs learning and drives improvement. Lastly, when possible we use that information to share the story with our donors and the broader community.


Not every grant will be a success, no matter how well it is planned, but failure can produce learning that will lead to better results in the future. In the Grant Report, please fill out the fields completely and accurately. Please add additional documents or forms as necessary to provide a complete report.



For more information on applying for grants, please contact us!

Philip Ricketts



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